Olszyna borough is located in the foothills of Izerskie Mountains, north of the Zlotnickie and Lesnianskie Lakes, which were formed on Kwisa river. The highest hills in the area are Złotnicka Czuba - 436 MAMSL, Husycka Gorka – 330 MAMSL., Długa Kaluznianka – 426 MAMSL. Steep slopes of the hills above Kwisa river as well as hard to reach, deep valleys and water inlets of Olszowka river are all covered by coniferous forests.

The borough’s area is 47,2 square kilometers. This borough’s main character is described by agriculture and industry as the farming land accounts to 68%. Tourism and recreation are prospering by Lesnianskie and Zlotnickie Lake. Tourism in Olszyna borough has long lasting tradition as it has started in 1920tis. The banks of Lesnianskie and Zlotnickie Lakes are full of recreation facilities. Boarding houses and agro tourism farms attract tourists, who expect tranquillity, clean air and chance to relax by the water. Sandy beaches, water equipment rentals invite to rest in an active way. Those who love walking and cycling will find lovely pathways along the banks of the lakes.

The main industry in Olszyna borough is timber and carpentry and the borough consists of 9 village councils: Biedrzychowice, Bozkowice, Grodnica, Kałuzna, Karlowice, Krzewie Male, Nowa Swidnica, Olszyna Dolna, Zapusta. The biggest town of the borough is Olszyna with the office of local government. Olszyna is an old town established in 13 century. First written information comes from 1254 and the name used then was Olsna. Olszyna received civil rights on January 1st 2005. Olszyna is located in picturesque foothills of Izerskie Mountains in the valley of Olszowka river. There are 5 thousand residents. What characterizes this town is unique ribbon housing development with timber and carpentry industry. There are 7 thousand residents in the whole borough and it is located by the main traffic routes such as road number 30 from Zgorzelec to Jelenia Gora and railway tracks from Wegliniec to Jelenia Gora. Those features create conditions for development of industrial and tourism industry.

Our land is also rich in history. Worth seeing monuments in the area are: Rajsko Castle, Palace in Olszyna Dolna, baroque palace in Biedrzychowice, Neo – Gothic church in Olszyna, as well as two other interesting churches, one in Olszyna and the other one in Biedrzychowice. Two parks established in the 19th century by the palace in Olszyna are worth seeing as well. But undoubtedly the most attractive park is in Biedrzychowice, dates back to 18th century with many valuable and old trees.

In our borough there are sports clubs such as football, athletics and motocross. Motocross has become a sports tradition and the racing track called “Sowia Chata” (Owl’s House) is the pride of the club. The quality of the racing track was noticed by people from all over Europe. Especially people from Czech Republic like to visit, as it is most favourite Czech sport.

Olszyna borough is in search of new ways of developing cooperation with many boroughs from other countries in Europe. We work together on institutional as well as personal levels.

We cordially invite you.